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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  March 1, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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in just a couple of minutes, the federal trial for alex nieto and the san francisco police department is set to begin. we are live outside the courthouse where protesters have been gathering for the last couple of hours. and super tuesday is here with voters in a dozen states casting ballots. we are live in washington, d.c. with the effect today's voting could have on the election. after that warm february, another snow survey is being held today. we are talking with coop up in kirkwood about current conditions and what it looks like for spring break. time to crack open the 9:00 hour on this first day of march. the sun is shining down on the bay area today. a lot of snow also up in the sierra. still hanging on even though it was a warm february.
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sal castenada and gasia mikaelian and i'm mike mibach. >> we'll get to talk to the trooper up there. it's going to come in like a lion next week, right, steve has been saying? >> even tomorrow night, we'll see dramatic changes. >> we look forward to that. >> we get down to the news the day. at this hour, there is a large crowd outside of the federal courthouse in san francisco. >> we have been showing you the rally in support of the family. many people are there to support him. >> the family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the san francisco police. that trial begins today. alex savidge is live outside right now. good morning to all of you. two years after he was shot and killed by san francisco police, the federal trial gets underway here at the federal courthouse and here is the scene on the plaza. you can see well over 100
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people are on hand here, community members, students here all in support of alex nieto and parents and they are holding a rally here on the first day of the trial. they are calling for justice for alex and accountability for the san francisco police department. aztec dancers kicked off the demonstration here at the courthouse at about 8:00 this morning. the parents of alex nieto are suing four san francisco officers. their lawsuit claims wrongful death and excessive force and the jury will now decide whether those officers acted reasonably when they shot and killed nieto in in march of 2014. the officers were responding to a report of a man with a gun. the officers say they feared for their lives at nieto was holding a taser and nieto was shot at least ten times. his mother talked with us this morning about how she feels as
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this civil trial get underway. [ speaking spanish ] >> it's very emotional to see all these people supporting us here and that they know that supporting alex was such a good man. >> good young man, a good student and he always liked to help others. that's what i want people to remember about alex. >> reporter: those four san francisco officers who opened fire on nieto that night in the park, no charges were brought against them by the district attorney. that's why the family decided to file this civil lawsuit and, again, this has all come to a trial. it will get underway or about to start any minute now, we should say. it is set to start at 9:00 this morning. we'll bring you back out here to a live picture on the plaza outside of the federal courthouse here in san francisco. you can see a very good size crowd is on hand.
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they'll continue this rally outside the courthouse, i'm told, about the next hour or so while the trial gets underway inside. they will be doing -- you guys, by the way, jury selection during morning hours and the opening statements start this afternoon in the civil trial. >> thank you. today is super tuesday, the busiest voting day of the primary season. >> it is and donald trump and hillary clinton are dominating at the polls but the other candidates are fighting hard to push them out. >> caroline shively is live from washington, d.c. >> reporter: this campaign has going to national. >> donald trump has a massive lead in national polls and in most states and he is not trying to lower expectations. >> we're going to win, win,
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win, win. >> but trump is railing senator ted cruz in texas which has more than three times the delegates of any other states today. >> we are entering the phase of the primary where delegates matter. the first few states serve the function of winnowing the field. >> i have to tell you i'm look forward to those debates, because, at some point, you can't just say whatever pops into your head if you want to be the president of the united states of america. >> reporter: vermette senator intenders announced a record- breaking $42 million fundraising run in february but he is still trailing clinton in most super tuesday states. >> if there is a large turnout in voting across the states, we'll do well. if not, we'll struggle. >> reporter: lots of pressure for the lower tiered governor
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to drop out. governor kasich says if he does not win his home state of ohio in two week, he is gone. a scuffle between a news photographer and a secret service agent in virginia in a donald trump rally was caught on video. moores tried to get out of a area restricted for journalists. the secret service took him down with a choke hold. moores said that he regrets his involvement but the response was disproportion gnat. at this point in the morning, we wanted to ask you, at what point do you start paying close attention to the presidential race. do you feel that you are more involved in this election compared to the previous presidential election?
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make sure to let us know and use that hashtag. the u.s. government has release add new batch of documents seized in a raid that killed osama bin laden. among them his handwritten will. bin laden asked that his fortune which he estimated at $29 million be used for jihad. according to the washington post. it's not clear what happened to that money. the will is among about 100 diewjts released by the director of national intelligence today. >> happening right now, president obama is meeting face to face at the white house with the senate republican leaders who are vowing to block his nominee to the supreme court. the president invited the leaders of the senate and the senate judiciary committee to the oval office to discuss the supreme court say san vacancy left by the death of justice antonin scalia.
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the president says that the senate has the constitutional duty to confirm his decision. and justice thomas breaks hill ten-year silence on the supreme court. witnesses gasped as he asked a string of questions in an exchange that lasts several minutes. the court is considering the reach of the federal law that bans people convicted of domestic violence from owning guns you said something that scared me. you said, you better get your rest, young man, thursday, friday and when? >> all of next week. >> all of next week. you don't want to wave the rain flag but there are projections of about 5 to 10 inches of rain and all the way to the 17th. march could be one of those
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miracle months. that's the latest watch. we had alex rasmus on there. >> very nice, estuary. >> very calm. it will still be mostly sunny, mild to warm today. temperatures in the 60s, 20s to a few low 80s. a little system on the north coast tide. wednesday night. that will be the first rain on wednesday. that's when i put rain begins because saturday night into sunday, it looks beyond. there are some scary projection, even up in the sierra nevada. this will be warm so the snow levels will go way up. i'll talk to cooper up in kirkwood and i'm sure he'll have a smile from here to here because that could be incredible up there but high. >> i was checking out where the live cam echo was. still a fair amount of snow, still another one up there do you hit it systems will be cold enough or it will dump 5000, 6000 feet? >> i don't think 5000.
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i don't think 6. it will be above 6000. it will start off really warm. about 7000? one inch of rain equals 10 inches of snow technically. you dot math. >> coop is always enthusiastic. >> yes, he is. >> you don't say. >> i company only imagine what today's interview will bring. >> steve, thank you. >> you're welcome. coming up, san francisco police began moving in on a tent city. coming up, efforts on the cleanup effort and people refusing to leave. take a look at the quick mess left behind after a run away dump truck crashed. >> we'll talk about the cleanup efforts that have been going on for most of the mornings.
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weright now?omen a mystery beauty treatment. yeah! that sounds great! could they guess what it was? very rich and smooth. really creamy. i keep touching my face. so what had we used? what?! wait! just water was added to this? my skin definitely feels much more radiant. that sense of having like smooth dewy skin only dove has 1/4 moisturizing cream for smoother, more radiant skin. dove, your daily beauty treatment for radiant skin. 9:12. welcome back to the nine. taking a look at the markets.
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trip will up arrows. dow up almost 300 points. fans of the show gotham got some very familiar faces at the stock market. they were there celebrate the wrap-up of the second season. the wrap was last night. you can watch all the new episodes monday night, 8:00, right here. new this morning, city crews are cleaning up homeless camps says they pose a health hazards. >> but some people staying there are refusing to be moved. >> reporter: brian flores has been there all morning long. do people there want to go to a shelter in the first place? >> it does not appear that they want to, mike, gasia and sal. good morning to you, guys. they are referencing that shelter on pier. they feel it's more safe out
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here on the streets than going to that shelter. we are on mission and division we talked about one of the homeless en came maniments encampments. sal, you asked me a question in the 8:00. you asked if police are willing to arrest people. i asked a police officer. he says that they don't want to do that. they want to negotiate so that at least dpw will come here and spray clean the sidewalks. first location, when we arrived shortly after 5:00-watt and bruno avenue and alvida street. crews are telling people that under order by the city, they had to leave and dpw crews were here to enforce a nuisance order. we spoakd with dpw director
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mohammed nuru. about 80% are cooperating but there is a group of five or six that don't want to leave. >> this is a situation for the mayor as the individually, that's been put out of control. that's not our responsibility. that should not be dumped upon us. we should not be used as skates goats i don't plan on moving until there is proper housing not just for myself but people out here trying to make it. >> the good thing is that this is still america, we have of options. we look at other states or other countries, they don't have much options. so we are fortunate to be here in this situation. we can go get a coffee or something like that. it's not too pad. can be a little bit uncomfortable but it's not bad. we'll make it through. it's interesting to hear
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the two different points of view there. dpw crews are setting up barricades along san bruno and vanness avenues. the signs read "health hazards, no camping". and thog is done as of yet because homeless are going to other parts sifty and not getting the help they need. it remains unclear what will happen here at the encampment. we do have some police officers here and they are hoping that this group of about five or six people will leave in the next few hours so that dpw crews can clean this area. >> brian flores in san francisco. thank you. in san francisco, cleanup of a homeless camp continued where more than a dozen people have been ordered to leave. the mercury news reports that this was sparked by health and safety concerns. more than 20 people were living in the space.
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the paper reports that they were given a 72 hour notice to leave. a very different approach in sacramento where city leers are moving forward with a proposal that would create encampments to help the homeless. the task force toured city- sanctioned encampments in seattle. they were surprised by the results and that seattle residents saw the benefits of the tent cities. potential campsites are looked at in the northern and southern parts of sacramento. >> my biggest takeaway is how powerful it is for homeless people to have a place to stay 24 hours a day. >> reporter: for months, supporters for the homeless have been urging the task force to lift an anti-camping ordinance. another big issue is how to pay for those potential en camp. the plan is expected to be presented to the city council.
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and a silicon valley magazine launch tomorrow.
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if you are very much like me and have a tough time deciding on a password, help may be underway. banks are using voice bio metric security. hsbc will be the first to use it. accounts will be able to recognize your voice. the first one will be rolled out in the u.k. they have not said if that will come here, though. how about prize with the new reality headset. it's called happy goggles, transforming from a happy meal box looking similar to a google cardboard. this video is from a posting in sweden. the happy goggles work with your smart phone. mcdonald's is looking for a
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scheme game that can be played with the v r head set. they will be rolling out in sweden this week. mcdonald's says it hopes to make it relevant in this country and maybe in other countries, soon. issues of silicon valley magazines will be distributed. >> it's a bimonthly magazine that will cover topics including art, fashion, philanthropy. >> joining is now is john, editor of silicon valley magazine. good morning. >> good morning. >> tell us where this idea came from. sill von caley has been a hot spot for decades and now all of a sudden, we have the magazine. >> the idea stems from us looking out into the valley and looking at the peninsula and south bay and realizing there is no real magazine devoting itself to the lifestyle and the culture and the people of the valley in a significant way.
9:22 am
you see a lot of tech blogs, tons of them. a lot of national media interest in stories but don't see a stand-alone magazine that's doing the job correctly. so that's where we wanted to step n we have a lot of experience from this, being the publishers in san francisco magazine. i, myself, i'm the editor in chief of san francisco magazine. so i'm wearing two hats here. >> i was going to ask you, san francisco and the silicon valley are merging. the tech companies are coming to san francisco, all kind of becoming one big region. yet, you want to start a more specific magazine for just the silicon valley. why is that? >> i think you're right. there is a real synergy between the two areas. san francisco is the silicon valley and vice versa. it's a great chance for us to take what we do with san francisco magazine and share
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the resources that we have between the two publications. it is really, the last few years, the story of san francisco is the story of the rise of silicon valley, another rise of silicon valley and it's just an incredibly exciting time there and up here as well as the time for a lot of journalistic work that needs to be done. >> john, wire long time subscribers, our family, to san francisco magazine. over the years, i was dog eared so many restaurants, hikes, art galleries that are in the south bay. so for san francisco magazine, your first baby, are you cutting back any coverage of the south bay or silicon valley? >> san francisco magazine won't change a lick. if anything, we'll benefit from having this other arm, this other outpost in the south bay. you might see more coverage of the south bay in san francisco magazine. but i think that there is more than enough stories to be told.
9:24 am
there are great things happening in both areas. there is a lot of troubling things happening in both areas, too. we are not going to ignore those. the lifestyle of the south bay is rich and is not being well served by monthly or bimonthly magazine at this point. here we go. >> you are talking about the food and the culture. does that mean that you ignore stories like apple versus the fbi that we are seeing right now. is that not your target story? >> i don't think we ignore it but by giving that we are a bimonthly magazine, that will be hard to stay on the cutting edge on that. that's you guys' job. but for sure, we're going to acknowledge it. we are not going to pretend like it does not exist and these fights are not happening. the the cover of the first issue, the subject is tristan
9:25 am
walker, an african american who grew up in jamaica, queens, and has gone on this meteoric rise. that's not saying that we are not saying that silicon valley has a problem with diversity. there is a lot more work to be done to get people in color into the top suites of these companies. by us running the story about tristan, it was because we found him fascinating, representative of what's going on in the valley. but we also wanted to signal that we are paying attention to the bigger issues as well. >> where can people get the magazine? >> they'll be on news stands in barnes and noble, whole foods and better grocery stores throughout the peninsula and south bay. and you can go to our website and sign up as well. >> john, good luck with the magazine. some of us, older people, still like an actual magazine. >> i love magazines. we wish you good luck.
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>> thank you. coming up on morning on 2, the nine, we have a dry february. we'll talk to the sierra and talk to our buddy coops and apple and the fbi head to capitol hill. why the u.s. attorney general says that apple should help unlock the san bernardino shooter's phone.
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the question out, there at the top of the show, have you been engaged in the election process? i got one tweet from ellie smith saying, as a california democrat, my vote is pretty real vant. our vote is so late might not matter. >> it might this year. >> i got a tweet saying the last time i cared to vote when
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was ronald reagan was president. trump scares me. i hope that the two nonestablishment candidates in the rates. >> i got a tweet and a note from somebody on twitter, rabbit, rabbit, i do this, too. i've been doing this since i was 10 for 20 years now. i said, it's the first thing that you say on the first day of the new month. if you say rabbit, rabbit, if that's the first thing -- >> first thing you do when you wake up. >> absolute any. >> first thing, when i woke up, i said, rabbit, rabbit. >> can't get a word out. >> you never heard of that? >> i never heard of that. >> i learn something every day. >> it's done. >> rabbit, rabbit to you. >> see if its works. >> let's see if it works let's work in with the rain because we had a dry warm, february, i did not say rabbit, rabbit. state surveyors are returning to the area.
9:30 am
the monthly measurements will be conducted at about 11:00 a.m. plus, water content measures 20 inches the heat could be melting the average snow pack. the survey determines how much water the crucial snow pack will hold. we are expecting some really good rain earlsy as tomorrow evening. >> let's head up right now to the sierra and check out the conditions there. joining us via skype is kevin, the coop man cooper. don't lie to me. i know you are melting up there it's like cabo in the sierra. february was brutal. >> it was a little bit warm. i will tell you, though, those overnight temperatures staying down into the 20s kept the snow pack well. we were at 130% above. we are at about 92% right now. we are looking at el niño coming back in the month -- actually seeing out here with
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paul goodloe from the weather channel. we have been talking about this next system coming through. we are seeing upwards of 12 to 16 inches. as long as we get a snow, steady march, the snow pack will remain strong, skiing will remain strong don't give up, yet. it's miracle march. >> miracle march. i love it. tell me if we get what we are expecting here in march, are you guys going to have the above average snow pack that we kind of need this year? >> if we get really good march, we might end up above afternoon snow pack. it's not a drought killer. we need the snow up here in the sierras but great skiing and riding. super good time. it is warm, though. >> let me try one more question because we lose you. you keep going in and out. what about the crowds? have they been cashing it in?
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>> last two weekends have been some of the busiest weekends of the season with the nice temperature up here and the great skiing. not very many people but once the snow starts to come back, we'll start to see those crowds return. >> as soon as it starts dumping, we'll check back in with you. thanks, coop. cleanup continue this is morning at the home on a peninsula. >> that's when a dump truck slammed into a home yesterday afternoon. >> ktvu's that janine de la vega joins us. >> reporter: all this destruction came when the dump truck came and nowed in here. you can see there is extensive damage done here to the house. crews have been working since yesterday afternoon to clean this all up and make repairs. the dump truck that crashed
9:33 am
into the home here on windsor drive carried several tons of dirt. the chp says that the brakes failed. fortunately, no one was home during the accident. two years ago, an suv crashed into the home and the homeowner put up a barrier in front of the house after that but that just was not strong enough to stop the truck. >> it's not a safe place to live, you know. i've been worried coming down here. what an awful place to have a house, you know. it's really on a bad corner. >> the 29-year-old driver told the chp that the brakes were not working properly. officers have come back out this morning to do some measurements for their investigation. they still need to toe the dump truck away because they can't do that just yet because they are waiting for the at&t to finish up their work. this neighborhood is in the
9:34 am
hills. roads are very narrow and now that the work crews, at least at&t, is about to pull away, you can see an officer here is sort of inspecting the damage here done to the truck to see, you know, how are they going to get this out of the street because it is blocking some traffic in the neighborhood. still some work that needs to be done here. mike? >> all right. janine, thank you very much. we are following some of the top stories around the bay area. let's go ride to dave clark in the studio. dave? >> thank you. >> here are some of the top stories. people ran for their lives yesterday. flames shot out of an overheated shuttle bus at the gas station in san francisco, south of market area. >> just look at those pictures. very intense scenes captured on cell phone video. the shuttle bus was empty except for the driver when it pulled into the area.
9:35 am
the en gin started smoking and then burst into flames. gas station employees and customers were told to run >> they came running back saying that we need to evacuate. the gas station is on fire. we left the building, heard an explosion and ran down the street and got out of the way, saw this big column of black smoke. >> the gas station's assistants manager prevented a major disaster. she turned off gas to the pump. police in richmond worry about possible retaliation after a 14-year-old boy was shot and killed yesterday morning. xavier mcclanahan, a freshman at kennedy high was shot several times at a bike path near his school. police believe that he was targeted but they have not described a motive. xavier was described as a funny person, his family say. they say that the shooting shows how dangerous it is. >> he is one of those guys, can
9:36 am
i do this. now you are lucky to seat abling of 16, let alone 18 to 21. >> a $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. >> pressure is growing for the:to solve recent freeway shootings on interstate 80. there have been 7 car-to-car shootings between berkeley and pinole. the latest was on saturday morning near hill top drive in relationship month. shots were fired at a silver jeep. the driver, 39-year-old leslie graham, jr. crashed into an embankment and later died. the chp is emphasizing that the shooting are isolated. of the 7 shootings, two people have died. >> those are just a couple of your morning headlines mike and gasia and sal, back to you. >> thank you, dave. >> yes. just about a half hour from now, apple's top lawyers and the fbi will head to capitol hill. a congressional hearing will be
9:37 am
held on the fight between the fbi and apple. the fbi has asked apple to create a software that would unlock the cell phone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. apple says that would set a dangerous precedent, but the justice department says that tech companies have helped. >> we have gone to court with a narrowly crafted request. we have gone to apple and said, we need your assistance. and if they chose not to, we go to court, and ask the cord to direct them. >> the hearing comes one day after a new york judge ruled the government cannot force apple to unlock an iphone in a brooklyn drug case. families of the victims in the san bernardino shootings have mixed opinions on all right apple should be forced to provide access to information on that iphone. the hustle of a survivor of the attack says he has doubts that there are any good pieces of
9:38 am
information on that phone used by syed farook. he says that employees knew san bernardino county had access to those information from the phone. but the father of another victim says that farouk's phone could contain some while in tears on the witness stand, fox broadcaster erin andrews testified in a case where she sued marriott for making it possible for her to be taped. >> i was screaming. i was naked all over the internet. my dad was, why are you screaming? i'm just like, dad, i'm naked all over the internet. >> michael david barrett was convicted and sent to prison for two and a half years. in a taped deposition, he said
9:39 am
he knew how to get to andrews' hotel room by calling the hotel's concierge what he did was turned around the peephole, right? if you are inside a hotel room, you look in the peep home. you can't put that back in the bag, if you know what i mean. >> what's atonnishing you would call the hotel and they tell you, oh, yeah, she's in this room. we'll put you right next door. who does that? >> one tip that i heard when you check into a hotel, you say, your room is suite 22, they write it down. if you are sitting next to me, now you know, maybe i know mr. sal castenada is in room 322. you know. >> is it fiction or sometimes, music bands or rock bands will use fictional names? >> i heard that. >> yes, very, very good. >> all right.
9:40 am
coming up on -- what kind of name? >> coming up on mornings on 2. need someone to care for your dog? the retirement home that is in japan that is catering not to man but to man's best friends. and call them the indiana jones of the geology. up next, we' talk live with albert la mars dublin about his work in minerals, that led him to being held at gunpoint, facing off with rattlesnake.
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9:43 am
the sand is blowing and washed away every year but, for now, the sea wall and stairway are uncovered for all to see. everyone who comes to see should be careful. there are sharp and rusty metal objects. >> albert lamar of did you written has made many during his 13 years career as a minerals exploration geologist. >> right. he has also seen a fair share of adventure, including seeing his office bombed and being in yen around ground mine. >> all of that in miss new book, mountains, minerals and me. >> albert joins us live. when i heard we are having geologists, dinse think gunpoint and drama. but you have -- you had your
9:44 am
fair share. >> indeed that kind of drama. they didn't teach me in school either. >> of course, no. >> it's one of the things that i experienced that i thought this might be of interest to current students to find out what is it like to work in the field as an exploration geologist. >> did you have precious gems on you when you were threatened at gunpoint or what were the circumstances? the circumstance was that, a fell fellow geologist and i were working at rocks in texas. we walked to the fence to get back to the vehicle and there was the rancher's daughter with her shotgun. as it turns out, that was private property. and she informed us that her father did not like people being on private property. and she was right. it was private property. the fellow geologist and i had not done our homework.
9:45 am
in every other western state, it's allowed for people to go on national forest property or bureau of land management property and look at rocks. >> that is part of the business is taking those channels? >> it's taking those chances. we did that in texas and there was no federal property in texas. that's why we got into that trouble. >> why in the world did you want to get into this business in the first place? >> i got into it in the first place because i love the outdoors. even before i discovered what it was, i liked hiking and working outside. i grew up in a small farming community in northern new hampshire and -- not a city boy at all. fortunately, when i got to college, the college in their infinitys which done had their best professor teach the introductory geology class. >> what does someone expect getting into the field?
9:46 am
>> very good question. that's what drove me to compile and put this together. a geologist in the field goes out with a trustee rock hammer because you have to break off parts of the rock. you go without with your hand lens that magnifies the rocks so you can see the minerals better. that's what you do. go out, basically, you are a detective. you try to find the rocks. you look at the rock. determine what kind of rock is it, how did it get there, how does it relate to those rocks over there? and basically, you try to put the whole picture together of the geologic setting. and nature does not make it easy. that's why you have to be a detective because soils cover the rock. vegetation covers the rock. so you can't see the entire picture. >> doing this, you got stuck or was abandoned in an underground mine. what's the story. who leaves you behind? aren't you guy as team? >> yes, we were a team but my cohorts gave me more credit
9:47 am
than i probably deserve in that they left me behind while they went down a shaft in the mine. and they tied a rope. they went down. >> right. >> my job was just to sit there and make sure that everything was okay. that's fine. i can do that. except that my mine light went out. it was an old fashioned mine light that usedchemicals. my light went out. i had my trustee geologist vest on with all the supplies that i needed to refill the mine light. i had matches, thanks heaven for my vest and relit it. what i don't recall is whether i actually admitted to my come bait come patriots. >> the biggest find? the most spectacular thing you found? >> oh, gosh, that's difficult to point out. i would say the most spectacular thing to me, as a
9:48 am
geologist, was being underground in a property in idaho that was being explored. the miners had just blasted the rock with dynamite and i was the first person on earth to see those particular rocks. >> oh, wow. and those rocks contained the minerals that we were looking for. >> that's better than a fifth size diamond. >> do you still have that rock? >> yes, indeed. >> thank you very much. >> albert lamar. >> from dublin. thank you for joining us on the 9. >> coming up, good news for fans of wendy williams. the queen of straight talk is talking to us through 2020. and champagne, wishes and caviar. forbes released the list of the wealthiest people in the world.
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retirement homes are got just for people anymore and for dogs as well. a 17-year-old shebba ono nini. instead of putting her best friend down, her owner paid to have the dog taken care of. >> stef curry may not play
9:52 am
tonight. he was injured saturday against oklahoma city. he missed six minutes of that game before coming back and, of course, later hitting that game- winning shot in overtime from 32 feet. curry did not practice yesterday but he says that he will play if he feels like he won't be risking further injuries. curry was named western conference player of the week can for the fourth time this season forward draymond green has apologized to his teammates and coaches for a profanity-laced tirade at half time. a player who sounded a lot like green could be heard yelling loudly. green had an off shooting night scoring just 2 points. he did have 14 rebounds, 14 assists and 6 steals. green didn't go into detail about what was said but said it won't happen again. >> that was not the right way to handle what needed to be
9:53 am
handled, and as a leader of this team, i can't do that. my emotions got ahead of me and i let my emotion ps get the best of me. >> green denied records that he threatened not to return for the second half. stef curry told reporters that they knew that green would never quit on his teammates. good news for fans of wendy williams. the talk show host has been renewed until the end of the decade. >> in tv, you know, it's really a chase for who is going to last, whether it's a sitcom or day take talk show. so i'm grateful for my wendy watchers. >> the syndicated show in 2008, she says she tried not to pay attention to critics. >> i stay off the googlers, because you tend to get your feelings hurt, eight comments
9:54 am
in. good, good, good and all of a sudden, die. >> she keeps busy with her clothing lines and has written several new york times best seller books. >> i second that staying off google, man. >> or don't read the comments. >> you can get 100 great ones and that one negative one sinks you. >> right. park employees started covering up the old signs at midnight. some even stole the famous sign at the hotel. the motel will be known as the majestic yosemite hotel. curry will yang and the badger pass ski area, yosemite ski and snow board area all part of a legal battle over trademark. the park's former concession mayor is demanding compensation for the use of those names there is new hope for a four-year-old girl from martinez named melody who has an inoperable brain tumor.
9:55 am
it was discovered in her brain stem in january. since then, she what operations. now a biopsy suggests that the tumor might respond to a drug delivery system that's only available in england. her parents say it's expensive but they refuse to give up hope. the parents have a gofundme website. >> we checked to see how people are responding. people have donated 42,444. more than $4000 raised in just the past hour. we do have a link to the gofundme page on our website. when you are there, look under the weblinks tab. forbes released its list of the world's richest billionaire. if you are a billionaire, you are rich. bill gates at $75 billion at the top spot of the survey for 17 of the 22 years. second is spanish clothing
9:56 am
retailer amanncio ortega. warren buffet is third. suckzuckerberg went from 16 to 6. 6 1/2 trillion dollars is the total of those billionaires new this morning, the rolling stones will play a tree concert in cuba march 25th. >> three days after president obama's visit there. >> i would go to back. >> you would? >> oh, yes. >> i love -- >> i've been wanting to go to cuba. >> let's go, mike. let's go. >> a fill trip that we could all participate in. >> oh, -- >> my gosh. we just jumped. take a look hyped us. that's the cannon from the lady
9:57 am
of liberty. >> lady washington i thought that was an earthquake. >> that scared us. >> are they waving to us? do they think this is funny. >> my heart is beating so fast. >> i thought it was great. >> my goodness. they are waving. and everybody on the floor is laughing. when your heart is racing, too -- >> that is our show for this morning. now that we're going to -- >> we end with a bang. >> that's right. >> mike and gasia will be back at noon. >> maybe not. >> thank you for joining us. back after the break.
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live from ne city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. all due respect, have several seats. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chaser. ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ]


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